Advertising and marketing are concepts that many people consider to describe the same thing, selling a product or service to the marketplace. However, they are distinctly different concepts and understanding the difference is important.

Advertising is the process of making your product and service known to the marketplace. It is essentially spreading the word about what your company has to offer. While marketing is the way in which you convince potential buyers that you have the right product for them, advertising is how you communicate to them the existence of that product.



MISSIONFEST 2018 was a Food, Music, and Wine Event that took place in July 2018, and, as a first-time event, the producers of this show needed to utilize multiple promotional channels to help get the word out about their event. The work you see below showcases what I produced for them and what channels were used.


(Online Advertising)

With MISSIONFEST being a brand-new event and Orange County being a very popular place for wine festivals, we knew we needed to offer something the other events were not doing to grab attention. What we decided on was to create an event that wasn’t just for wine connoisseurs; it would also showcase craft beer, food, along with some big-named musical acts. The goal was to Brand MISSIONFEST as an “event” rather than just a “wine festival.”

Throughout the website, we utilized words and images that helped to convey a level of class and excitement. As with all of the websites we build, our goal was to try to convert as many visitors into purchasers (attendees) as we could. 


(Online Advertising)

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook are a “MUST DO” in this day and age of marketing and advertising. In order to take full advantage of those platforms, I created a wealth of compelling graphics that would be eye-catching, but would also help to brand MISSIONFEST.


(Offline Advertising)

One of the things being given away at this very first MISSIONFEST was a car. So, the producers of MISSIONFEST decided that it would be cool to wrap the car with the MISSIONFEST Branding along with an eye-catching design, then the car would be driven around a 20 mile radius everyday to help promote the event. Below is the design I created for the car.


(Offline Advertising)

We created a series of outdoor signs to help promote MISSIONFEST. Below were the designs I created for a SANDWICH BOARD as well as a Realtor Style Sign. These were placed at popular areas in San Juan Capistrano to help promote the event.


(Offline Advertising)

A series of posters were created to promote MISSIONFEST and were hung in popular locations in and around San Juan Capistrano.


(Offline Advertising)

Although the ticketing for the event was being done online through a popular ticketing platform, the promoters of the event still wanted to have some physical tickets printed that could be given away at events as well as used as promotional incentives. Below are the ticket designs I created for regular admission as well as the VIP Party that took place the day before.


(Online Advertising)

I created a series of banner ads that were placed on several of vendors’ websites to help promote MISSIONFEST. Below are some of the banner ads.


(Offline Advertising)

With the success of MISSIONFEST 2018 now in the history books, the promoters are hard at work looking for financial backers for their MISSIONFEST 2019 to make it an even better event. The promoters have big plans for MISSIONFEST and I am proud to have been a part of building this Brand from inception.


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