The people involved with NAHUALA™ COFFEE came to me looking for help with launching a powerful brand of gourmet, made-to-order coffees. When we began our discussions, they had a completely different name picked out. As they continued telling me all about their product – grown in the volcanic region of the Nahuala mountains, to me, this was a story too interesting not to use in some capacity! In fact, for me, a gourmet, made-to-order coffee needed a unique name, and I believed NAHUALA COFFEE was the name! In fact, as they talked, I doodled the actual label for the coffee – in a matter of minutes. The label you see below was derived from the original doodles I had done with the client right there in our first discussion.


The brand identity I created was adopted to this one-of-a-kind motorcycle and was auctioned off where proceeds went towards the Wounded Warriors.

With several flavors available, below is one sample of the label – front and back.


Here’s an image of the full packaging and line of Nahuala™ Coffee.


A fully responsive website was built for Nahuala Coffee so they could sell direct to the public for their site. The site also featured a fully-loaded Admin area where all orders could tracked, inventory tracked, shipping, etc.


What some of my clients have to say about my work.

John has an extremely valuable blend of talents: he is an artist who is also a savvy businessman. To him, the word "branding" means much more than a flashy logo (even though he can design your next flashy logo better than anyone). He believes that the "message" is much more important than the "image" and he can help with both.

If you need to communicate or just get your message across to your audience, look no further. John is an expert...and a gentleman.

Ben L.,

President, Lapointe Enterprises

Over the years, I had seen what John can do with helping businesses grow through stronger branding and a more effective digital strategy, so when it came time to branch out on my own, he was the man I wanted to have assist me in building my business. When we began, I really had no idea what to expect, but I did feel very condent that John would deliver exceptional work. And as I had expected, what he delivered to me is a brand so strong, so recognizable, that my business is growing so fast, I’m having a hard time keeping up!

The work he has done outshines all of my competition, and everyday, I get more and more people interested in what we offer.

John is a man of many talents, and his passion for my success says a lot about the person his is!”

Juan R.,

Owner / President, Androgenix Health

For the last 5 years, John has been instrumental in helping us build and elevate our brand. He executes our work at the highest level and over-delivers on everything he does for us.

From newspaper ads that generate solid leads, to collateral that leaves people wanting to know more, John has been a godsend to us!

Although we highly recommend John and vouche for his incredible abilities, we don't want too many people knowing about him; it may mean we lose his availability - and that is something that would not be good for us!

Ryan K.,

Co-Founder, Reverse Mortgage Educators

“We are extremely pleased with the work that John has done for us. He developed an entire package of: brand identity, package design, responsive website which also included an intricate backend web-admin area, POP Displays, Marketing Strategies, Web Banner Program, and more.

His knowledge and expertise in taking an idea and creating an entire brand that can compete in the marketplace is nothing short of incredible. Not in my wildest dreams did I believe that Lipoxyderm would be as successful as it has become - and, this quickly. We owe a huge amount of our success to John and his work. He is someone who I trust to always deliver exceptional work, and I recommend him to my collegues every chance I get.”

Tamer E.,

President, Lipoxyderm / Muscle Contest



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