We LOVE to work with companies who have ground-breaking products, and in our opinion, ZESTEA™ is one of those companies. Their products are unique, they taste great, and they are very good for you. Moreover, they create a new category in the competitive world of tea products.


Our assignment was to create a fun look to their Brand Identity. They wanted something out of the ordinary, which is something we always try to accomplish. In our case, for the ZESTEA logo, we didn’t use a font that you can find anywhere on the planet; we created the lettering based on the initial sketches we did when we met with the ZESTEA folks. They liked where we were going with our initial designs, and we simply refined the lettering, added some accents with the leaves, and a Brand Identity is born.


We created their Brand Identity, created labels and packaging based on the different flavors they’ll be offering, and created sell sheets. At the time of this writing, we are still working on the design work for their website.

Zestea™ - Refresh Your Zest For Life

“One look at the work that TITAN has done and you’ll realize that these Cats at this small innovative agency can literally do it all! Even the way they pitched us on what they would do and how they would execute the work was completely different than all the other Agencies we spoke to. That was very refreshing to us and instrumental in helping us to make a decision on who we would like to work with. “

- David Tieman, CEO, Zestea™