As one of the top wrestling news sites online today, WRESTLING INC. were interested in a thorough makeover of their Brand Identity and their website and they contacted us to see if we’d be interested in working with them.


Having been wrestling fans ourselves in the past, we understand the wrestling business very well, and what fans of the Sports Entertainment Vehicle like about it.


We decided that, because WRESTLING INC is one of the top wrestling websites online today – currently sitting in the top 5,000 of ALL sites in the U.S., it seemed fitting to incorporate a championship belt into their Brand Identity. The overall shape of the identity is completely enhanced with the addition of the belt. Without the belt, it felt like something was missing.


With their Brand Identity completed, we moved onto a redesign of their existing site. The people at WRESTLING INC happen to have web development skills, so our assignment was to simply redesign the site and supply them with the basic HTML and CSS for the pages. From there, they would implement the additional scripting needed.


We redesigned all of the pages for them, and at the time of this writing, they are still working on implementing some of it. We also created Channel Art for their Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages.


All-in-all, the work we performed for WRESTLING INC is work we are extremely proud of.



Testimonial Coming Soon…

- Raj Giri, President, WRESTLING INC.