SUPPLEMENT CRITIC is a valuable online resource in the supplement industry as they provide unbiased feedback compiled over the last 15 years from supplement users from around the world. All of the various brands and products in the marketplace are critiqued by users of the products, so that helps those who are unfamiliar with their brand or product make a decision to try a product based on the feedback they read.

SUPPLEMENT CRITIC contacted us as they had seen other work we had done, and they were interested in having us create for them a character that would be their “critic” or “face” of the company.

We delivered several mockups of characters for them to pick from based on what they were looking for.

In the end, they chose the character that you see; holding a beaker and a test tube… and, the monocle.


“TITAN’s team were responsible for redesigning our website with an emphasis on strenghtening our brand.I had a menu of things I wanted to achieve with this website, and the TITANs did not disappoint! Our new site has all of the features we wanted and then some! Not only that, I told them that I wanted to be #1 on Google for the word – LENTZ. True to their word, they delivered! We are #1 on our website on GOOGLE and #2 for our Facebook page on GOOGLE for the word – LENTZ. Well done, guys!”

- Scott Lentz Jr., LENTZ™ GUITAR