St. Bernard Assure is a Swiss-based Insurance Company that needed a strong Brand Identity along with an appealing mascot with a pleasant voice. We presented them with a whole package of ideas which even included an animated spot showcasing “Lilly.”


We started our assignment by reworking their Brand Identity which simply wasn’t working for them. We made a few simple changes, and in the end, we were able to include the cross from the Swiss flag which was a nice added touch.


In terms of creating an appealing mascot, we wanted to create a character that didn’t leave you wondering: “What kind of dog is that?” It has happened in the past, however, we weren’t going to let that happen for St. Bernard Assure. With our talented illustrators ready for the challenge, we decided to name our character Lilly which of course, determined that she would be a female St. Bernard.


The scope of work we performed included: An animated spot that ran on local television; rich media banner ads which reused the same animation we produced for the animated commercial spot; reworked Brand Identity; full-service website; Billboard Graphics; Sales Collateral, and more.


“TITAN’s team were responsible for redesigning our website with an emphasis on strenghtening our brand.I had a menu of things I wanted to achieve with this website, and the TITANs did not disappoint! Our new site has all of the features we wanted and then some! Not only that, I told them that I wanted to be #1 on Google for the word – LENTZ. True to their word, they delivered! We are #1 on our website on GOOGLE and #2 for our Facebook page on GOOGLE for the word – LENTZ. Well done, guys!”

- Scott Lentz Jr., LENTZ™ GUITAR