SEVEN POINT 2 is a nutritional supplement company with products designed to balance a person’s ph levels, making them healthier as a result. They asked us to development and design a brochure that they could use to attract more sales people to help sells their products.


“TITAN’s team were responsible for redesigning our website with an emphasis on strenghtening our brand.I had a menu of things I wanted to achieve with this website, and the TITANs did not disappoint! Our new site has all of the features we wanted and then some! Not only that, I told them that I wanted to be #1 on Google for the word – LENTZ. True to their word, they delivered! We are #1 on our website on GOOGLE and #2 for our Facebook page on GOOGLE for the word – LENTZ. Well done, guys!”

- Scott Lentz Jr., LENTZ™ GUITAR