The makers of the second most popular Cola Beverage in the world assigned us with the task of designing and developing a web portal that would be used for one of their contest sweepstakes giveaways.


They supplied us with a couple basic assets along with a little bit of creative direction, and then left us to our own device to come up with something exciting.


We enhanced the soda can images they supplied to us by incorporating water droplets – to give the appearance of icy cold goodness. We also used a liquid splash image to enhance the background color. In the ENTER YOUR PIN box, we thought using the soda can popper would be a nice touch so we used that along with a matching brushed metal appearance for the whole area.


All in all, we were quite happy with the final look of the web portal and we’re excited to work with Pepsi again.


“TITAN’s team were responsible for redesigning our website with an emphasis on strenghtening our brand.I had a menu of things I wanted to achieve with this website, and the TITANs did not disappoint! Our new site has all of the features we wanted and then some! Not only that, I told them that I wanted to be #1 on Google for the word – LENTZ. True to their word, they delivered! We are #1 on our website on GOOGLE and #2 for our Facebook page on GOOGLE for the word – LENTZ. Well done, guys!”

- Scott Lentz Jr., LENTZ™ GUITAR