PAINT YOUR OWN GUITAR is a niché Brand recognized around the world for making a complicated process – painting a guitar – easy enough for just about anyone to do.


We were called upon to do a number of things for them: First off, we created their Brand Identity. The series is centered around teaching DIY guitar players how to achieve a factory-like guitar finish using spray cans. We tied a silhouette of a spray can into their identity by replacing the “i” in PAINT with the silhouette of a spray can.


They have several books in their series and we did the Creative Direction – determining the overall design they’d be using throughout the series for each of their books.


We were also hired to film, edit, and produce a DVD which teaches interested parties how to airbrush. The DVD features an original design that was airbrushed on a guitar from the ESP® Guitar company.


They also sold “ready-to-paint” guitars for a limited amount of time, and we were tasked with designing the box art for that item.


Lastly, we built them a website that also contained a password protected MEMBERS section which paying customers got access to. We also built a newsletter feature for them that allowed them to send their monthly newsletter to their 25,000 newsletter subscribers without having to pay a third-party for that service.


Testimonial Coming Soon…

- John Gleneicki, President, PAINT YOUR OWN GUITAR™