ONLYHOSTELS.COM is to the HOSTEL Industry what HOTELS.COM is to the Hotel Industry. ONLY HOSTELS’ assignment for us was to build their Brand Identity as well as build them a sophisticated website that would allow them to compete with sites like: BOOKING.COM and HOTELS.COM.


The level of complexity involved with building a site of this magnitude is staggering. Every part of the design and functionality had to be thoroughly thought through; hours and hours and hours went into the discussion, then the design, then finally, the building of the site. In fact, each section had to be tackled as an individual component due to its complexity, and the functionality had to work flawlessly before it could be connected to other parts of the site.


Of all of the sites we’ve built to date, ONLYHOSTELS.COM was the most sophisticated, most complex, and most challenging site to build. On the surface, it may not look very robust at all, but looks can  deceiving. Much like an iceberg – where four-fifths of it lies beneath the surface of the water, four-fifths of the site lies in the back-end development. Hostel owners can easily add their properties, can add individual rooms, descriptions, photos, and prices for each room, can take online bookings as well as book walk-ins through a booking portal we built, and they check the availability of all of their rooms in real-time at any time.


Now, having completed the site, we can look back and honestly say – “If we can build ONLYHOSTELS.COM, we can build ANY site!” 


We began our discussions with TITAN Creative Group in the winter of 2013 as we were looking for the right Creative Agency to work with who would understand our specific needs, and an agency who could also handle what we were looking to have created and built. In the end, we couldn’t have had a better experience working with a finer company. TITAN is just that – a team of TITANs who put their hearts and souls into OUR project, and adopted it as if it were their own. They created an instantly recognizable Brand Identity for us, and also built a web portal for us that easily rivals the most sophisticated booking sites operating today.

- Danny Zern, President, ONLY HOSTELS