Jon Lindsay’s MUSCLE CONTEST is the largest producer of amateur bodybuilding shows throughout the United States and responsible for helping aspiring bodybuilders achieve “PRO” status. Their website attracts hundreds of visitors to it everyday, and what had been in place was old, outdated, and in desperate need of some TITANization.


They initially contacted us and asked us if we’d be interested in bringing them into the NEW millennium by building them an online ordering system; one that would allow real-time credit card transaction processing. They also needed the functionality that would allow competitors to enter any show that they wanted, enter as many classes at each show that they wanted, buy tickets for each show, and much more. The amount of programming to accomplish what they needed was quite intense, and it required some very important intricacies to be put into place. In the end, we succeeded in putting into place something that made it easy for their office staff to manage – with far less effort than they had been forced to endure prior.


With that project out of the way, they asked if we’d be interested in building them a new and much-improved website to showcase them in the best light possible. How could we say “No” to that? That’s what we LOVE to do! After some initial design work of the individual pages that would be needed, we went to work to build out as impressive a site as we could build.


The one thing we love to do is build responsive websites – websites that look great on any and every device. There’s just something about delivering a website to a client that can be surfed on any device with pleasure that gives us tremendous satisfaction!  And, for the client, there’s nothing like having a beautiful state-of-the-art responsible website that you are truly proud of. JOB WELL DONE.


We are very pleased with the work that TITAN Creative Group has done for us. They developed a responsive website for us which is really important as a lot of our competitors use the site on their mobile phones. They also developed an online ordering system which is very robust and has made the lives of our administrative staff so much easier! Not only are THEY thrilled, the entire company is thrilled!

- Tamer El-Guindy, President, MUSCLE CONTEST