INZANE® Decals is the extension of this company’s first brand – PAINT YOUR OWN GUITAR. Paint Your Own Guitar is a book series devoted to teaching beginners to intermediates how to achieve a factory-like finish on their own using nothing more than some store-bought spray cans.


INZANE® Decals became the extension of the PYOG Brand as more and more guitarists, hungry for more complex designs, but with limited artistic skills, wanted something truly out of the ordinary. TITAN CREATIVE GROUP was brought in to help them with concepts and final art for over 200 designs. One visit to the INZANE® Decals website and you’ll see our handywork in their DESIGNS category. In fact, our thumbprint encompasses everything that you see; brand identity, web development, product design, product packaging, and more.


Recently, INZANE® Decals have patented a process where their decals can fit onto any guitar or skateboard without having to remove any parts. Quite ingenious, really. This now opens up a whole new avenue for them as the idea of applying decals as a DIY project that was a little intimadating to many guitar players now becomes something quite doable for anyone.


Beginning with their name, which is a combination of the word INSANE and the creator’s son ZANE, (Okay – we admit we got help on that – thank you, Rick Brown of Design 2.0!), we felt that the name deserved something completely out of the ordinary.  Our designers used individual scribbled letters drawn by hand, then scanned into the computer where they were then assembled to create the Brand Identity you see before you.





As CEO of TITAN Creative Group, I have over 25 years of brand-building experience because of the brands I have personally created on my own. INZANE® Skins caters to guitarists and offers them a simple way to customize their instrument without having to know a thing about guitar finishes. With the power of the internet, and with some effective offline as well as online marketing, INZANE® Skins have international appeal due to the quality of the work, and sell around the world through our portal site – www.inzaneskins.com. We are also in the process of signing on distributors and dealers to make our products available in as many retails stores as possible.

- John Gleneicki, President, INZANE® Skins