If you want to stand out in the crowd, you have to do things differently than everyone else. For guitarist, Jason Hook of FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, a Heavy Metal band based out of Las Vegas, NV, he wanted to stand out in the crowd, so we were assigned the job of helping to create a unique Brand Identity for him along with several assignments that called for our Creative Direction and Graphic Design work.


To start, Jason is truly passionate about the Military. He’s also fascinated with previous wars, so when it came time to think about what could work well for him,  whatever design we were going to create, it had to look impressive on the oddly-shaped axe he plays known as the Gibson® Explorer.


We will admit – we understand guitars as well as the music industry very well. Having created brands such as: INZANE® Decals and PAINT YOUR OWN GUITAR, you could say we have an “Ace Up Our Sleeve” when it comes to assignments that involve guitars and creating a unique look.


Utilizing Jason’s love for the military, we used a sergeant’s stripes and spilled the design right off the edges of the guitar body to create a very interesting graphic. When you first look at it, you might not be sure what it is – even though it looks very military – but, if you stare at it long enough, it should dawn on you, eventually.


Along with the actual design for the guitar, we also suggested that Jason talk to Gibson® about placing an emblem on the back of the neck that could be unique to his guitar model. Gibson® loved the idea, so we created the gold and black emblem for the back of the guitar neck.


Finally, to complete the entire package, we created the nameplate for the outside of the guitar case – once again, keeping the theme of military in our minds.


In the world of design, the saying “less is more” is completely suited to what we created for Jason. The design is not complex by any means; what it is is simple – and, more importantly, memorable – just like a great song!


In the end, we “TITANized Jason’s M4 Sherman and gave him a Brand Identity that not only works well for his guitar; the design is being used on other products as well.


Testimonial Coming Soon…

- Jason Hook, Guitarist, Five Finger Death Punch