EXPRESSO SHOT™ is a brand-new product destined to create a new category in the world of Energy Shots. Their makers contacted us to help create their brand from the ground up. We became their “go-to” team to help design their Brand Identity, their packaging, their website, their marketing, and more.


For us, this has been one of the most exciting projects we’ve done in quite a while. The reason is – we’ve been instrumental in EVERY aspect of this product, and as a company that strives to create compelling work, we believe we’ve accomplished many things with this Brand. The people at EXPRESSO SHOT have given us complete freedom to design and create what we feel would be best for their products. That’s rare for any company to allow a creative agency that much leeway, however, we let them know that they had final say on everything we produced on their behalf.


As a Brand, we feel the name, brand identity, packaging, and collateral we produced for them is all very high-level stuff; work that equals anything you’d see produced by other companies with a seemlessly unlimited marketing budget.


With their products just about completed and their website, ready to launch, we are excited to watch EXPRESSO SHOT take the world by storm and make its mark in the world of ENERGY SHOTS!


“As a product formulator, my specialty is in designing innovative nutritional products that are unique, so with EXPRESSO SHOT™, I really wanted to work with a company that was going to be as passionate about the product as I was. TITAN Creative Group knocked my socks off with what they created, and their turnaround time was simply incredible! To say that I’m thrilled with what TITAN has done for EXPRESSO SHOT™ is an understatement; they gave the product exactly what it needed to make a significant impression the moment you see it!”

- David Tieman, President, EXPRESSO SHOT™