EXODOS TRUSTED ALLIANCE is a company that offers specialized services to a very exclusive clientele. Their assignment for us was to help refine their Brand Identity and to create their corporate literature as well as their website.


In our discussions with them, we were all on the same page when we discussed what Brands we felt did an excellent job of exuding a certain mystique – both with their Brand Identity, and also in their collateral and literature. It’s always much easier to tackle an assignment with a client when you all see things from a very similar perspective.


When we began work on their Brand Identity, they already had an existing crest that they wanted to incorporate, so our first assignment was to rebuild this very important crest for them. This was very challenging to do as their original art was small in size and not very clear in detail. Still, we worked with EXODOS to refine and edit what we had until they were absolutely thrilled with our final result.


With regards to the name, in discussing their original idea – EXODUS – although the name really worked well for the specialized services that they offer, the word is really overused. So, rather than use that spelling, we went with the Greek spelling which would make it more unique. Tying the lettering with the emblem seemed to come together naturally, and really gave us the kind of identity we all wanted to see!


EXODOS offers several different specialized services, so their collateral needed to be elegant in appearance and rich in quality – all while giving the clientele a glimpse into what the company can do for them. Our role with the collateral was to help refine the copy that would go onto each page of a SERVICE they offer, and to design a package that would exude both class and elegance.


At the time of this writing, we are waiting on final editing before the packages are printed. We’re all very excited to see the work completed and in the hands of their prospective clients!




The Team at TITAN were given the task of reproducing a replica of our crest so that it could be used in various ways without ever losing its sharpness. We also asked them create a typeface of our name that could go along with our crest; something that would be both elegant yet powerful. They delivered on all levels. TITAN’s work has helped to define our brand very well and we are very pleased to be working with them.

- Name Withheld, President, EXODOS Trusted Alliance