We were very excited when BETA MONKEY Drum Loops contacted us to work with them on creating a NEW Brand Identity along with a new redesign of their website. It’s always great to work with a client when they’re as excited to work with us as we are with them!


In the world of Drum Loops, BetaMonkey has a STRONG name and a solid reputation. Several big hitters in the music biz actually use their drum loops to help them with writing their songs. That’s impressive.


When they contacted us, they were wanting a new “monkey” character created that would be more appealing. Along with that, they were looking for a redesign of their website. Finally, they wanted some impressive packaging to go along with every series they sell.


Creating just the right look for a monkey was somewhat challenging. We presented several rough sketches to them, and from there, they picked the one that became their final “mascot.”




“I found TITAN Creative Group through the work they had done on a few other sites and I was extremely impressed with what I saw. I wanted to overhaul my BetaMonkey Music brand, so I hired them to help me do that. They developed my monkey character as well as created a new brand identity for us. From there, they built a state-of-the-art website  and even designed all of the packaging for our products. The work that TITAN can do is quite incredible and it’s given me such an edge in the highly competitive world of selling drum loops.”

- Christian Donlon, President, BETAMONKEY™ DRUM LOOPS