The beauty industry is very interesting because it’s truly based on one thing and one thing only… BEAUTY! So, if a company has aspirations of growing their beauty business, the one thing they really need to consider is their imagery; the photos and images they use that represent their brand. Do the photos inspire? Do they make women want to have, or do what they see in the image? If, done well, that’s exactly what the imagery should invoke.


Thinking of Apple, the thoughts that come to mind for us are:  innovation in design • trendsetter • sleek elegance. The imagery they use is SO good, it virtually makes us all want Apple products!


So, with our client, Artistry Of Permanent Makeup, we found that Deanna Lien, the Owner and Artist, was doing absolutely everything correctly already; her work was beautiful, and the photos that she had of her work were extremely good, so that made our job so much easier. Permanent Makeup, when done well, looks so real, you cannot tell it’s tattoo’d on makeup.


Artistry Of Permanent Makeup brought us in to help improve her Brand Identity as well as revamp her website and increase her search engine position organically. Finally, she wanted us to help her with some offline marketing and to design several promotional pieces that she could use to grow her clientele. We delivered an entire package for her that we feel has really elevated her overall Brand, and there’s nothing that makes us feel better than to know that we’re going to make a difference in the success of her business.


I am so thrilled that I called TITAN Creative Group to help improve my business, Artistry Of Permanent Makeup. I saw their work while visiting another site, so I thought, “They really seem to know what they’re doing. I wonder if they’d be interested in working with me?” After contacting them, I heard back from them very quickly and we set up a meeting a few days later. After meeting with them face-to-face, I felt really good about working with them! They didn’t bully me with their ideas nor try to push anything on me I wasn’t interested in. They let me know what they could do for me and my business, and it was really up to me to decide what my priorities were, and we’d move forward based on my list. With all of the work now completed, I can honestly say that this was a very good move on my part to make the changes I did. Everything they touched has been greatly improved! As a business owner, seeing my return on investment paying off everyday is the best feeling in the world! Thank you, TITANS!