Meet our Team of Monstrously talented TITANs…

  • team1


    With a keen eye for what works, and a knowledge of how to fill a void in the marketplace, John thoroughly enjoys taking a Brand in its infancy and applying all that he’s learned in his 25 years as a Brand Creator/Builder, and watching the Brand blossom. When you work with John and his Team of TITANS, you’ll see his passion for YOUR success; he pours his heart and soul into helping you succeed and realizing your dream.


    Having successfully built three brands on his own recognized worldwide in their own various nichés, John is no stranger to brand building. His first brand – MUSCLEHEDZ – a single cartoon series that pokes fun at the world of bodybuilding, was created in 1992.  The series ran in FLEX Magazine as well as Muscle & Fitness Magazine for a decade before the series moved onto other opportunities. The series is still seen in various top fitness publications around the world, and the word, MUSCLEHEDZ now replaces the word – muscleheads on just about 75% of all bodybuilding forums. MUSCLEHEDZ has a full line of merchandise available at the MUSCLEHEDZ STORE and is one of the top places for fitness enthusiasts around the world to shop at Christmas time! MUSCLEHEDZ continues to draw interest in other areas; Gleneicki was approached about adopting the series for television via an animated cartoon series. He’s also currently co-writing a movie loosely based on his 25-year series. A nutrition line for kids featuring the lead character, Hugh Mongus™ is also in the works.


    John’s second brand – PAINT YOUR OWN GUITAR – has taught thousands of people around the world how to paint their own guitar and produce amazing results using nothing more than some ordinary store-bought spray cans. The series landed him a writing assignment for Guitar WORLD magazine where his column, Finishing School, educated readers about the do’s and don’ts of painting your own guitar.


    Finally, John created INZANE® SKINS as an off-shoot to PAINT YOUR OWN GUITAR in 2007 to cater to individuals who wanted something a little more EXTREME for their guitar – something they’d never be able to paint, but something completely affordable. INZANE SKINS sells thousands of full-sized decals to DIY guitarists around the world every year, and John has recently patented a process where the decals can be applied to any guitar or skateboard without having to remove any parts. John believes this patented process is a game-changer for guitarists as well as skateboarders as it opens the Brand up to a whole new customer base.

  • team-julie


    Julie has been involved in the Sales and Operations of many different companies for almost 3 decades. She brings an enormous wealth of hands-on experience in running businesses as well as making them more profitable.


    In one of her more recent positions, she was brought into an Auto Body Shop to reduce cost and unnecessary expenses while making the company more profitable. She was able to turn this body shop around in less than a year – reducing unnecessary expenses by 24%, and increasing revenue by 45% in that time.  


    Julie’s strong people management experience allows her to hire, train, retain and mentor the right people in the right positions, and in turn, producing an effective and efficient team of driven high-performers. Communication, goal setting including KPI’s and metrics, instilling values and sharing the company vision are key fundamentals that Julie manages by in her leadership success.

  • team-kal


    Kal’s skillset goes far beyond just being a brilliant and highly-skilled programmer and developer; he is a creative problem solver and has an amazing understanding of how something should be structured and function. When we are tasked with building a very complex and sophisticated back-end, Kal is our architect.


    Kal is skilled in all areas of development and in all relevant languages. There’s nothing this man cannot do! Every amazing development team needs someone like Kal on their team to set them apart. Thankfully, he is ours!

  • team-charles


    Charles is The MAGIC MAN when it comes to responsive HTML, WordPress, and Magento. He can turn any file we give him into HTML. It’s so accurate to the original file that we sometimes cannot believe what we’re seeing. It’s MAGICAL!


    And, that’s what our web development Clients can expect when we present them with designs that have not yet been fully rendered; when we’re done with their site, it’ll be so true to what we presented to them, they’ll have every reason to feel nothing but true Satisfaction! Thanks in large part to Charles!