• July17

    Another Successful Client: LIPOXYDERM Firming & Defining Lotion

    TITAN Creative Group is proud to introduce you to one of our latest clients, FITWELL HEALTH PRODUCTS and the launch of their brand-new product, LIPOXYDERM™.

    The good people at FITWELL approached us last year about being a part of helping to build their brand, and their new product, LIPOXYDERM. With our extensive background in the fitness industry, we were already aware of the potential for this product to do great things for the masses, so naturally, we said YES to being a part. (Are you wondering – does it work?? YES! IT DOES!)

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    They wanted a product that would truly stand out on the store shelves, and they wanted a website that was compelling, and one that would tell the story of how people would feel when using LIPOXYDERM. Their testimonials from some very powerful people in the fitness industry are a great testament to the results people could expect to experience, so what you see in the image above is the work we were able to do for them.

    I’m happy to report that their launch at a recent Trade Show was a smash and they were able to impress many onlookers – who also became buyers.

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