Brand Identity

Perception is everything in today’s competitive marketplace, and if your brand’s identity is weak, customers will pick up on that and go elsewhere with their business. Your Brand’s Identity is the “foundation” for everything your business does, so the most important investment you can make in your business is developing a strong brand identity right from the start. If you feel your business is not where it should be, perhaps a brand REDESIGN is in order? Hey… Google did it! If they can do it…

Web / App Development

With as much as 65% of all searches now being done on a mobile device, it’s imperative that your website display well on ALL devices – not just your computer’s monitor. TITAN Creative Group builds websites utilizing the most up-to-date web technology. More importantly, we build websites that showcase your brand in the best possible way, but that also deliver a return on investment! ROI is KING! Oh – We also build very impressive apps, too.

Offline / Online Marketing

With so many media channels to choose from, both offline and online, how do you know which channels to use to market to your potential audience? TITAN Creative Group’s decades of marketing experience can help you fine-tune your marketing efforts so that the channels you do choose will be the ones that’ll give you your biggest return on investment.

Search Engine Optimization

If your company doesn’t appear on the first page and a half of Google searches for terms relevant to your business, you stand to lose out on gaining lots of new prospects and potential revenue. TITAN Creative Group offers the kind of search engine optimization results that allow any company the opportunity to compete for that business by getting them placements for the keywords and keyword phrases that are most relevant to their business.